Reminder: Marriott Rewards Reborn, Farewell Starwood Preferred Guest

As of August 18 Starwood Preferred Guest is no more and Marriott Rewards will remain as the main loyalty program for both hotel groups moving forward.

The apps and websites for both programs will continue to operate for some indefinite time in the near future, but we expect SPG will be shut down anytime soon. So now is really the time to link your accounts so you preserve your points.

Updated Membership

Just in case any of us have forgotten, we highlight some of the immediate effects of the program merger:

  • Your SPG point balance will be tripled and be reflected in your linked Marriott Rewards balance.
  • Your new earning rate under Marriott Rewards will depend on your status and spending:
    • Member: 10 per US$ (2 in SPG, 10 in MR)
    • Silver Elite: 11 per US$ (12 in MR)
    • Gold Elite: 12.5 per US$ (3 in SPG)
    • Platinum Elite: 15 per US$ (3 in SPG, 12.5 in MR)
    • Platinum Premier Elite: 17.5 per US$ (4 in SPG, 15 in MR)
  • Your SPG status will automatically be converted into its Rewards equivalent:
    • Silver Elite: Preferred Guest, Corporate Preferred Guest, Preferred Guest Plus
    • Gold Elite: Gold Preferred Guest
    • Platinum Elite: Platinum Preferred Guest, Platinum Preferred Guest (50 nights)
    • Platinum Premier Elite: Platinum Preferred Guest (75 nights)
    • Ambassador Platinum Premier Elite: Platinum Preferred Guest (100 nights)
    • Lifetime Gold Elite: Lifetime Gold Preferred Guest
    • Lifetime Platinum Elite: Lifetime Platinum Preferred Guest

We expect these changes to be immediate, excepting some system kinks. Once your accounts have been linked (and we can’t stress this enough), there should be no further action needed on the part of members.


Due to this change, we at Asian Miler have updated our Marriott Rewards valuation accordingly. We’ve removed Starwood Preferred Guest as a line item and slightly boosted the value of Marriott Rewards as the surviving points program.

At this point we cannot see any particular incentive for Marriott to conduct Rewards points purchase deals as SPG used to do regularly. We think their management will take the rest of the year figuring out the true economic values of the surviving loyalty program.

That said, we advise against the outright purchase of Rewards points for the rest of the year. And truly, it’s not prudent to be buying points speculatively to begin with. Still, we look forward to the redemption values that can be unlocked from membership in the combined program.