Program Values: The Asian Miler Point System

Not all loyalty programs are made equal. Indeed, the sheer number of Asian airlines make it challenging to choose. Assessing program values is hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

And so Asian Miler summarizes its own loyalty program valuations here (subject to updated evaluations). We only list out what we consider most noteworthy to simplify matters. After taking these into account we hope you can then better plan your travel strategies.


The Asian Miler Valuation System

Loyalty programs have varying base units, from points to miles to nights. To simplify matters Asian Miler bases all point values from 0 (worthless) upwards. We denote everything in terms of Asian Miler Points (AMPs). In other words:

A program worth 4 AMPs is twice as valuable as another worth 2 AMPs. 

It’s that simple!

This way, we can do simple comparisons without worrying about currency conversions. After all, travel hacking is about not worrying about the convoluted system of points. Rewards systems should be simple enough for you to redeem that next dream vacation or coveted premium suite.


Program Values

New Update: August 2018 

Old AMP, if any: April 2018 

Airline Frequent Flyer
Program New AMP Old AMP Notes
Singapore KrisFlyer 2.00 devalued 2017
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles 1.90
Asiana Club 1.85 10-year expiry
ANA Mileage Club 1.65
JAL Mileage Bank 1.65
Malaysia Enrich 1.10 heavily devalued June 2017
Philippine Mabuhay Miles 1.30
AirAsia BIG 0.50
Cebu Pacific GetGo 0.50
Alaska Mileage Plan 2.20
Avianca LifeMiles 1.80
Etihad Guest 1.70
 Credit Card Rewards
Program New AMP Old AMP Notes
Citi ThankYou Rewards, regional 2.00 up to x10 category earning, no expiry
DBS Points, Singapore 1.90 up to x3 category earning, no expiry
UOB UNI$, Singapore 1.85
HSBC Rewards, the Philippines 0.95 up to x4 category earning
EastWest Platinum Rewards, the Philippines 0.65
EastWest Limitless Rewards, the Philippines 0.50
 Hotel and Lodging Stays
Program New Amp Old AMP Notes
Marriott Rewards 0.90 0.75 subsumed Starwood Preferred Guest (1:3)
World of Hyatt 1.70
Expedia+ Points 0.40 no expiry


Valuation Criteria

Asian Miler evaluates the programs and assigns AMPs based on the following criteria, in no particular order:

  • Earning Potential: the variety of options in gaining loyalty points or miles
  • Rewards Options: the range of opportunities to spend points or miles on flights or physical goods
  • Convertibility: liquidity of loyalty points or miles into another program’s currency
  • Barriers to Redemption: the difficulty of spending points or miles into a reward attributable to availability, fees and other factors
  • Store of Value: the enduring usable value of a program point or mile as complicated by length of validity and impact of devaluations
  • Soundness: assurance of the program’s continued existence and utility

Note that the point valuation system does not consider the value of status with any loyalty program and any perks that may come along with it. Bear in mind that these assessments only offer an estimated value of one unit point or mile.



Asian Miler makes no definitive claim as to the monetary value of each program currency. These values are for reference purposes only.