Knowing the Basics: Airways around Asia

Outside of the major airline alliances, there are also lots of other carriers to travel the airways around Asia and even beyond. There are still a few countries with flag carriers that are not part of any alliance, and even more other competitors that have established deep international air links over recent years. Here we discuss the other options for […]

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Knowing the Basics: Major Airline Alliances

Airline alliances. Ah yes, the secret sauce to air travel, especially in Asia. Asians particularly care about the cost of air travel that becomes inevitable due to migration and tourism. Next to cost comes value, and with the growing passenger movement the networks born out of airline cooperation has only made alliances indispensible. Here we tackle the question every starting […]

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The Inaugural: Asian Miler takes wing!

Hello dear readers and fellow travelers, welcome to your new travel hacks site, the Asian Miler! Just what is Asian Miler, you ask? This new corner of the Internet aims to share the latest tips and tricks in Asia-based travel. Got a question about earning miles? We’ll cover them. Want to hear about cheap flights to a resort town? We’ll […]

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