More Deals with the LifeMiles Sale

There’s more to the latest LifeMiles sale, it seems. Not only can you get more extra miles, but redemptions for some Star Alliance award routes are discounted, too!

As a reminder, the miles purchase deal is valid for the rest of July (CST/GMT-6).


Boosted Bonus in the LifeMiles Sale

As we mentioned before, the base bonus rate is up to 125% extra miles. Thanks to a tieup with OMAAT, anyone who registers their account over at this link could get up to 145% maximum bonus miles.

Signup for Extra Bonus Miles in the LifeMiles Sale


Register today, and if your offer isn’t updated to this rate come log back in the following day. If you buy at the highest bonus rate, you can bring down your purchase cost to as low as 1.35 cents per mile (cpm). This is good value, and certainly better than the cost of the standard offer.


Discounted Star Alliance Awards on Specific Routes

LifeMiles is also discounting award rates on some Star Alliance routes booked by August 14th (again, CST/GMT-6). Here we have the full list of promotional flights:



A few interesting takeaways from the chart include:

  • Bangkok to/from Seoul-Incheon: 25,000 on Business (31% less)
  • Beijing to/from Washington-Dulles or New York-JFK: 81,000 on First (10% less)
  • Hong Kong to/from Los Angeles or San Francisco: 64,000 on Business (15% less)
  • Taipei-Taoyuan to Los Angeles: 64,000 on Business (15% less)
  • Taipei-Taoyuan to Los Angeles: 67,500 on Business (10% less)
  • Singapore to/from Tokyo-Narita: 31,000 on Business (14% less)

Note that, as usual with award redemptions, there will be an additional booking fee. There are also extra charges for ticket cancellation or itinerary changes.


Final Word

Avianca LifeMiles does not only provide deals on miles purchases, but as you can see they offer other extras. With the ongoing promotion, you can get more miles and use them for discounted Star Alliance flights too!

You should take a look at the program and offer now, and find out where your next destination could be.