LifeMiles Spring 2019 Sale: Up to 135% Bonus Miles

With the recent overhaul of their website, it seems to have been ages since LifeMiles last offered their last miles purchase promotion. Their previous deal not only gave extra miles but also had redemption rates for select routes discounted.

With spring now upon much of the Northern hemisphere, LifeMiles has decided to run another new miles purchase promotion.

This new sale will be going on a few weeks until March 14th (CST/GMT-6). The bonus on offer varies as some seem to be targeted, so you may want to login to check what is available to you. The discounted redemption rates, however, will continue until March 22nd (also CST/GMT-6).


LifeMiles Bonus

The prevailing common bonus rate seems to be up to 125% extra miles. However, there are others, like the Asian Miler, who are targeted with a slightly better 135% maximum bonus offer:

LifeMiles Spring 2019 Promotion


Whichever rate is offered you, you get the smallest bonus (105%) when buying 50,000 LifeMiles or less. You get a higher 125% more (or non-targeted 115%) for getting up to 100,000, or at most 135% (or non-targeted 125%) for purchases of at least 101,000 LifeMiles.

Remember that you can only buy up to 200,000 LifeMiles for this promotion, and just a maximum of 480,000 LifeMiles in a year when including the bonuses. If you were supposed to get bonus miles from this promotion, any amount going beyond the 480,000 limit will be forfeited.

If targeted, buying 101,000 miles would bring you a cost of 1.404 cents per mile (cpm). We’ve seen slightly lower LifeMiles cpm before, but this is still, in our opinion, good value.

What can you get with those miles? While their Star Alliance awards chart is no longer accessible, you are able to book seats on routes such as:

  • Singapore (South Asia) to San Francisco (North America)
    • First: 99,000
    • Business: 78,000
  • Kuala Lumpur (South Asia) to Hawaii
    • First: 75,000
    • Business: 51,000
  • Manila (North Asia) to Tokyo or Seoul (North Asia)
    • First: 30,000
    • Business: 22,500
  • Singapore (South Asia) to Australia (Other)
    • First: 75,000
    • Business: 50,000
  • Bangkok (South Asia) to Frankfurt (Europe)
    • First: 102,000
    • Business:  78,000

You could book a one-way flight from Singapore on Business to Brisbane or Melbourne on Singapore Airlines for just US$702 (50,000 x $0.01404). It will depend on seat availability, but we think that’s great value considering you get a lie-flat seat like this:

Singapore Airlines A350 New Business Class Seat


Discounted Star Alliance Awards on Some Routes from Asia

The other interesting part of the promotion is the discounted award rates on some Star Alliance for some routes booked by March 22nd (again, CST/GMT-6).

You can browse the list of discounted routes and classes. A few interesting one-way routes on this deal include:

  • Bangkok to Seoul: 25,000 on Business (31% less)
  • Tokyo-Haneda to Beijing: 17,500 on Business (22% less)
  • Tokyo-Narita to Singapore: 31,000 on Business (14% less)
  • Taipei-Taoyuan to Amsterdam or Vienna, or vice-versa: 64,000 on Business (15% less)
  • Taipei-Taoyuan to Chicago or Seattle or Houston, or vice-versa: 64,000 on Business (15% less)

You should confirm seat availability by using the refreshed Avianca LifeMiles award search engine. A newer article featuring the new search engine will be made in the near future.

Note that, as with any award redemption, there will be some additional booking fee. There are also extra charges for ticket cancellation or itinerary changes.


Final Word

While there have been bigger Avianca LifeMiles miles offers before, they continue to offer regular purchase opportunities. If you haven’t used the program before and not bought any miles yet, now could be a good time to buy some miles for future travel plans.