Easier Asiana Club Status (and Star Alliance Gold too!)

One of the less stressful ways to earn miles and alliance status is with Korean Star Alliance member, Asiana Club. With longer qualification periods and lower qualification requirements compared to other frequent flier programs in the alliance, it is easy for even newcomers to the miles game.

And yet they made it even easier for everyone to earn and keep their statuses!


Asiana Club

Recap of Asiana Club Rules

To review, Asiana Club offers a few tiers with the following qualification rules:

  • Gold
    • 20,000 miles flown, or 30 Asiana flight segments
    • earn Star Alliance Silver status
  • Diamond
    • 40,000 miles flown, or 50 Asiana flight segments
    • earn Star Alliance Gold status
  • Diamond Plus
    • 100,000 miles flown, or 100 Asiana flight segments
    • lifetime status at 500,000 miles flown, or 500 Asiana flight segments
  • Platinum
    • lifetime status at 1,000,000 miles flown, or 1000 Asiana flight segments

Even in the same or competing alliances, Asiana Club is actually more forgiving when it comes to how long and how much one needs to earn (and hustle) to gain status. Whereas most others go by 12-month cycles (calendar or rolling periods), this program is easier with 24-month ones. And whereas the standard in Star Alliance to earn Gold status may be 50,000 miles, they grant it to you for 10,000 less.

Asian Miler has outlined more information about Asiana Club in a separate post.


Maintain your Status, now for even less!

Asiana Club sent out an email notice informing all members about changes to tier status eligibility rules.

There may be no changes to the requirements for earning status, but Asiana Club has tweaked the rules for keeping it. With the move, Asiana Club is further incentivizing lasting loyalty with the program.

Once you earn any of the membership tiers, all you have to do to keep the same would be to:

  • Gold
    • credit 15,000 (not 20,000) miles, or fly 20 (not 30) Asiana flight segments
  • Diamond
    • credit 30,000 (not 40,000) miles, or fly 30 (not 50) Asiana flight segments
  • Diamond Plus
    • credit 75,000 (not 100,000) miles, or fly 60 (not 100) Asiana flight segments

And the (re)qualification period begins the moment you move into the new tier you get, until the last day of your following 24-month qualification period. So if you registered as a member January 1st in 2018 and got Diamond Plus on March 31st, you only have to credit 75,000 (not 100,000) miles from then until December 31st inĀ 2021 to keep it! Sweet!

So if Star Alliance Gold is quite valuable to you and you don’t want to hustle for the 50,000 miles in Krisflyer every 12 months, Asiana Club should be a no-brainer.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you could use those miles earned for something like this:

Asiana First Class cabins


Don’t you think that getting Asiana Club status has become more appealing than ever before?