Club LifeMiles: Subscribe Your Way to Travel Points

Previously we’ve explained the different merits of the Avianca LifeMiles loyalty program, despite the airline itself hailing from South America. The most popular aspect of the program is how you can purchase lots of bonus miles.┬áNow, LifeMiles is trying a different strategy with their subscription-based Club LifeMiles plan.

Club LifeMiles Subscription

Club LifeMiles Proposition

The Club LifeMiles plan is essentially an offering that allows you to buy miles for a fixed price every month. In return, the plan rewards you with bonus miles after every three months of uninterrupted subscription.

You get to choose from the following monthly price points (quoted in US$):

  • Plan 500: $9.99
    • 500 LM monthly, 500 LM quarterly
    • 8000 LM total after a year
  • Plan 1000: $19.49
    • 1000 LM monthly, 1000 LM quarterly
    • 16,000 LM total after a year
  • Plan 2000: $38.49
    • 2000 LM monthly, 2000 LM quarterly
    • 32,000 LM total after a year
  • Plan 3000: $56.99
    • 3000 LM monthly, 3000 LM quarterly
    • 48,000 LM total after a year
  • Plan 5000: $91.99
    • 5000 LM monthly, 5000 LM quarterly
    • 80,000 LM total after a year
  • Plan 7000: $125.99
    • 7000 LM monthly, 7000 LM quarterly
    • 112,000 LM total after a year

Subscription Plans


A Deeper Look

Avianca LifeMiles already frequently offers bonus miles promotions throughout the year, which can cost you as low as 1.35 cents per mile. By comparison, the miles you get from Club LifeMiles can cost you around 1.35 (for Plan 7000) to 1.5 (Plan 500) cpm.

Club LifeMiles’ notable proposition, therefore, is how it lets you earn bonus miles while letting you spread out the cost over a few months. If, for some reason, you can’t afford to buy thousands of miles during any of the LifeMiles promotions then this is a reasonable alternative. After all, you should never allow yourself to land in sizable debt that you cannot fully pay by the time it’s due.

However, we do not recommend buying and holding LifeMiles for too long. You should first plan how to use your miles at the end of your time horizon (say, one year) before committing to the the subscription.

Say you are planning a one-way business class flight next year from South Asia to the USA, which costs 78,000 miles. You can then consider whether paying $91.99 monthly for Plan 5000 for a year provides way more value than paying for the ticket outright.


Final Word

Club LifeMiles is a decent alternative to buying a lot of LifeMiles over time. It does provide different price points with bonuses, which eases the burden on your wallet.

We do not promote buying miles speculatively and keeping them for long. However, as long as you have a plan on spending your LifeMiles then this subscription can be a helpful offering.

Would you consider subscribing to any of these Club LifeMiles plans?