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About Changes in Frequent Flyer Miles Accrual Charts

One reality all frequent flyer members face is that airlines can change point accrual rules at any given time. Sometimes companies even do so with little to no prior notice. This applies to any airline regardless of alliance affiliations. Unfortunately, accrual chart changes often means decreased miles earned on flights that have already been booked. We can see this as […]

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Mileage Plan Bonus: Up to 50% more!

Alaska Mileage Plan is back with another promotion on miles purchases. A few weeks back they ran a summer promotion on miles, and before that I was targeted for a maximum 50% bonus miles purchase. Now that summer is almost over, travelers must be thinking of plans for the holidays next. And that’s most likely where this promotion fits in.

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Up to 3x Miles on Singapore Airlines Flight to Newark?

There is a lot of excitement for trans-Pacific air travel these days. The recent development is from Singapore Airlines announcing the revival of their nonstop Singapore-New York flight. This is after both Singapore and United Airlines announced competing Singapore-Los Angeles nonstop flights just over the past year. Other sites have confirmed that seats are already bookable for this 19-hour flight, […]

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Mileage Plan Bonus Offers: Up to 50% More Miles

Summer in the north is here, and Alaska Airlines is running another Mileage Plan bonus offer, which may vary for different people. Earlier this month I was targeted for a 40% bonus for a minimum 10000 miles purchased. Perhaps because I took advantage of that offer, I didn’t receive the email now promoting this new bonus circulating over the Internet.

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Club LifeMiles: Subscribe Your Way to Travel Points

Previously we’ve explained the different merits of the Avianca LifeMiles loyalty program, despite the airline itself hailing from South America. The most popular aspect of the program is how you can purchase lots of bonus miles. Now, LifeMiles is trying a different strategy with their subscription-based Club LifeMiles plan.

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