About Asian Miler

Every traveler who’s worth his ticket surely at some point has looked into a booking site and thought that surely there’s a cheaper one somewhere out there.

Others might have even thought they could’ve gotten something more in return for taking the journey, whether it was a brief, regular trip nearby or a much-awaited long return home to loved ones.

And so the idea of travel hacking was born. Today, the Internet is filled with tips by the mileage runner or the nitpicky points shopper on how to earn the most miles for every flight or best points for every purchase.

Alas, the average enthusiastic Asian is not as blessed with as much information on credit or rewards programs as the West… but the Asian Miler is here to change that.


Whether it’s looking for the next tip on how to nab that one-peso deal from a Philippine budget carrier or earn the most out of every Singaporean dollar expense, the Asian Miler is out on the watch to help you.

And of course it doesn’t stop there. The world is simply vast, so the Asian Miler will keep astride of any potential mistake or bargain fare elsewhere, whether it’s a trip to the Big Apple or to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées… After all, travel can only be sweeter when you can save that extra money for your next trip.


So Asian Miler bids you mabuhay to the lounge of these pages. Savor its amenities, share your travel experiences… and may it lead to your next, richer travel plan.