Up to 40% Mileage Plan Bonus Early 2018 Promotion

In a previous post, we’ve explained why the Alaska Mileage Plan is an attractive frequent flyer program. At the very start of 2018, Alaska is doing a Mileage Plan bonus promotion for points purchases.

The deal runs until February 7th (PST), and the maximum bonus percentage on offer varies per account. How do you avail of this promotion?


The Mileage Plan Bonus

First off, you can only get this offer once your account is at least 10 days old. So if you’re still on the fence about the deal or program itself, you should first create an account now and decide later. Given that the deal is valid until February 7 only, you should right away create an account for now.

Once your account becomes old enough, you should login to your account page to see your personal offer. If you’re also eligible for the maximum, you would see this:

Promotion Purchase Options

You have to buy at least 20,000 miles to get the bonus, up to a purchase of 60,000 for a maximum of 24,000 extra miles. This deal comes to a cost of around 2.11 cents per mile which we think is good value.

Keep in mind that you can only buy a maximum 60,000 base miles per transaction, but you can do any number of transactions. So you can buy up to a million miles, if you need or want to.

Where can you go with those miles? Take a good look at their¬†awards chart¬†and you may — subject to seat availability — book tickets like:

  • Asia to Continental USA on Cathay Pacific
    • First: 70,000
    • Business: 50,000
  • Round-trip Southeast Asia to Continental USA on Korean Air
    • Business: 120,000
  • Southeast Asia to Continental USA on Japan Airlines
    • First: 75,000
    • Business: 65,000
  • Within Asia on Cathay Pacific
    • Business: 22,500
  • Within Asia on Japan Airlines
    • Business: 25,000

Note that on the intra-Asia leg of Alaska Airlines partners there are rarely any routes with First Class and therefore you’d usually be flying Business on that segment.

Unfortunately there is still no award availability from partner Singapore Airlines. But given their control over premium cabin space, we can only look forward to future award space with tempered anticipation.


Final Word

Alaska Airlines is one of the better non-alliance-affiliated carriers in the world. Their Mileage Plan program is also member-friendly and offers attractive partner redemptions. And they frequently give good point deals a couple of times in a year, like in this post.

If you’ve been eyeing a trip on a premium airline cabin for quite some time, now would be a great time to jump on this program. Or you could always beef up your miles warchest with a couple hundred thousand new points… just purchase moderately.