145% LifeMiles Bonus Cyber Week Sale 2017 with Discounted Star Alliance Awards

Recently we have shared details about the rather unknown but useful Avianca LifeMiles frequent flyer program, and how they frequently hold point purchase sales. To celebrate the ongoing holiday season in much of the West, Avianca has started yet another appealing LifeMiles bonus promotion.


LifeMiles Cyber Sale 2017

The promotion is already under way, and members have until November 27th (CST/GMT-6) to get the 145% bonus. So how does this work?


The 145% LifeMiles Bonus

Login with your account and go to the purchase miles page, where you will be given a variety of amount purchase options, like so:

Promotion Purchase Options

The best part of this promotion is that you can choose Other and buy as little as just 1,000! You will then get another 1,450 LifeMiles bonus for a minimum $33 plus tax, for a total of 2,450 miles.

For every account you can buy a maximum of 200,000 LifeMiles in a year. If you’ve bought any miles earlier this year you can only purchase the remaining amount, but the maximum limit count excludes any LifeMiles bonus purchased. Of course, you can always create another account to buy more.

If you take full advantage of the current promotion, you can get a total 490,000 LifeMiles for US$6,600 + tax. And that translates to a purchase of just 1.347 cents per mile which is, in our opinion, good value.

What can you get with those miles? Take a good look at their Star Alliance awards chart and you may — subject to seat availability — book tickets like:

  • Singapore (South Asia) to San Francisco (North America)
    • First: 99,000
    • Business: 78,000
  • Kuala Lumpur (South Asia) to Hawaii
    • First: 75,000
    • Business: 51,000
  • Manila (North Asia) to Tokyo or Seoul (North Asia)
    • First: 30,000
    • Business: 22,500
  • Singapore (South Asia) to Australia (Other)
    • First: 75,000
    • Business: 50,000
  • Bangkok (South Asia) to Frankfurt (Europe)
    • First: 102,000
    • Business:  78,000

Can you imagine taking a one-way flight from Manila on Business to Seoul on Asiana or to Tokyo on ANA for just US$303 (22,500 x $0.01347)?! That’s unbelievable value right there. For the price, you get to fly on this:

Asiana A350 Business Class


Select Discounted Star Alliance Awards

But the promotion doesn’t stop there. LifeMiles is discounting some Star Alliance redemption rates for specific routes until December 20th (again, CST/GMT-6).

You can look through the entire list of discounted routes and classes, but we’re going to highlight the major city pairs and some other interesting choices:

That’s a whole lot of destinations and more. As you can see, not all of these routes are offering the same rates both ways so you’d have to check for yourself and see if it’s worth it. It’s up to you if Bangkok to Paris on Economy would be worth it…

Just note that, as with any award redemption, there will be some additional booking fee. There are also extra charges for ticket cancellation or itinerary changes.


Final Word

Avianca LifeMiles is offering an interesting promotion this time of year. If you haven’t used the program and bought from them before, now is a good time to stock up on some miles for future travel.

There are already a few bright gems in the LifeMiles Star Alliance award chart, but the discount offer sweetens things up even further. As always, it’s best to see if there are available seats on the awards search engine and compare the cost with buying tickets outright.

Of course, it never hurts to keep a few hundred thousand LifeMiles available in case you find an attractive route and premium cabin spot open up… You never know.